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What I do for you

Free 30 Minute Phone Consultation

I do this with each new enquiry before any sessions are booked. Basically this gives you, the client, an opportunity to find out more about what I do and how NLP can work for you. It’s important to me that every client has the opportunity to make sure this is the right fit for them before we commence any paid session work.

Your session

It will start with an easy conversation to determine where you are with your issue and what you would prefer to be happening in your life. Through open questions we will explore what is going on at surface level and deeper.purple-couch

Once this has been explored we will do some change processes where you will have the opportunity to amend what’s going on, finding resources within yourself with my help.

As your Practitioner , I will merely be your guide through theses change processes . All choices and exploration is completely down to you, the client.

NLP techniques use Metaphor, Hypnotherapy, Time Line re-imprinting, Visualisation and many more. In practical terms you can expect to be moving around in the practice room ,sitting, sometimes standing and sometimes walking as we pace though the process together

You will be supported at all times and be amazed at how such a simple process can be so effective.