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About Me

Hi … I am Nicky your NLP practitioner


I have many years experience in NLP with a passion for helping people drop the baggage of the past and live their dreams. I do all NLP processes including new code and just tailor it to the needs of my clients. Strictly confidential and really easy to work with are the ways people describe me and I would say that’s about right. If you have any sort of issue that’s simply getting in the way of your life then come and see me and together we will sort it out. So if your heart is breaking , you have stress overload , you just hate the sight of spiders, you so wish you didn’t smoke ….. or none of the above then call me and make an appointment ….. you then have the rest of your life to enjoy yourself !

A bit about me, an NLP practitioner …

I came across NLP in 1998 when I was bundled on a course with JSNLP by a dear friend, who thought I would benefit, since I was having such terrible time. I had no idea what it was ! Well, I was blown away by the simplicity and the power I had within me to change my life. To start with I used it on myself to drop my hang-ups, learn from my experiences and perform well at work. At this time in my life I was working as a team leader in a large call centre. Eventually, I started to think about the reasons for living and I was quite sure it wasn’t to be working in telemarketing, so I signed up with JSNLP again and did the Masters. Since then I have trained with the top people in the business, not just in the UK but in America, at the NLP University in Santa Cruz. So here I am, loving my work and doing something worthwhile at last. I’m so happy now I could burst and the coolest thing is, I get to help all kinds of people in lots of ways. Of course, I don’t have the answers….they do ! but its so amazing helping them find the keys to the locked doors.

Apart from running this business I also help John Seymour of JSNLP with his training of new Master Practitioners and I run practice groups to help these students gain experience before they do their Final Assessments.

So this is it ….. found my calling in life !

Over the years I have been trained by the following people who are well known in the industry :

bullet_pinkJohn Seymour

bullet_purpleRichard Bandler

bullet_pinkJudith Delozier

bullet_purpleRobert Dilts

bullet_pinkSuzi Smith

bullet_purplePaul Mckenna

Being a member of The Professional Guild of NLP and ANLP, I am required to work within certain standards and be trained and qualified to at least their recognised level. I have been practicing NLP since 1999.

Additional Services

I am also qualified to practice PSYCH-K® . People harbour self-limiting subconscious beliefs in areas of spirituality , self esteem, health and body issues financial abundance or career.  PSYCH-K® is a process that provides a variety of ways to quickly identify and transform beliefs that limit  you into beliefs that support you in any area of your life.


 I am a member of the World Health Heroes who are a body of therapists and well being experts dedicated to improving the mind body and soul. It’s members are world wide and are of a particular high standard of professionalism and knowledge which they share through well being events, day retreats, videos and health directories. The ethos is to bring affordable health to everyone.


I am listed in www.findatherapy.org, one of the UK’s leading online directories of therapists.


Member of the Federation of Small Businesses.